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WAYFC Takeover Finale: Ariana de Leña on Tools for Dealing with Farmer Stress and Anxiety

Episode Summary

This week is the finale of our 7 part series created by the Washington Young Farmers Coalition (WAYFC), "Farm Resilience and COVID-19." This week Elizabeth chats with Ariana de Leña, a farmer at Kamayan Farm east of Seattle, about some embodied techniques to combat stress and mental health challenges on the farm.

Episode Notes

Ari de Leña is a farmer at Kamayan Farm is a vegetable, flower, medicinal herb, and education farm just east of Seattle on Snoqualmie People’s land. In this conversation we dive into what it looks like to deal with stress and anxiety while being ‘August tired’. Because Ari and Elizabeth really get into the heart of stress and anxiety we decided to split our conversation into two parts. If you haven't listened to Part 1, we encourage you to go back and do so now! In Part 2, Ari shares some real-life strategies on how to manage stress and anxiety. In this episode we discuss some embodied techniques that we both use on the farm.  Please take care of yourself and your needs before you listen, as you listen and as you process this conversation. 

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